About Geo2Tag

Geo2Tag is an Open Source Location Based Services Platform

that provides all programming interfaces and services (database of geo-tags, filters, queries) that are needed for development of location-aware services. The platform is available as open source code absolutely free of charge. Thanks to efficient and well scalable architecture Geo2Tag works fast and provides stable services even under massive pressure of request flows.


Today there are more and more mobile devices (like mobile phones, netbooks, tablets etc) equipped with GPS module on the market. At the same time social networks become a dominant part of internet services. They count millions of users and they increase number of features all the time - from simple text messaging to user‘s media content storage. The new trend in social networking is providing geographical context for all user content. This is a new domain called Location Based Services (LBS). Social networks providers develop APIs and applications for supporting geographical data in their social networks. Unfortunately, there is not as many free and open source platform for geo tagging (marking up certain data by associating geo position and time).

We work on creation very efficient infrastructure for managing big amount of geographical tags for huge number of users. Our focuses are:

  • big data processing (be careful before publishing this sentence)
  • intellectual data pre-processing
  • power consumption effectiveness on mobile devices
  • pro-activeness and recommendation flavor of services
  • efficient communication

Intelligent services are among the hottest areas of IT. Higher level of intelligence and better pro-activeness are reachable by using geographical context. It is a competitive advantage of number of modern online services. Geo-tagging is a key source of context data and effective data organization is crucial for content tagging and delivery data to the end user.

We offer to developers:

  • open data: platform with open source code which can be modified if necessary
  • domain specific language and tools for simplifying data model creation for new services
  • a high degree of automation of the development process
  • ability to deploy your service on your own environment or rent our resources in cloud

The platform provides all required API and tools for:

  • building location aware mobile applications
  • building desktop and mobile applications for processing (or just using) geographical and map data
  • integration with popular social networks and services

Main features:

  • Store geo tags in internal database
  • Provide integration with 3rd party map services: Yandex maps, Google maps, Open Street maps, etc.
  • RESTful API for getting access to tag data

Our priorities:

  • efficient working with big data
  • intelligent data preprocessing
  • save energy of mobile devices

Supported platforms: Linux, Android, J2ME

Download at: https://github.com/geo2tag