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FRUCT is as a managing company for Open Innovations Association FRUCT. FRUCT Association was established in 2007 as a cross-border cooperation framework to unite universities, R&D institutions and companies. More information about FRUCT can be found at the official web site of FRUCT Association and in Wikipedia.

FRUCT develops, productizes and delivers innovative solutions for LBS and e-tourism as well as provides consulting and develops business incubation framework to support needs of our customers in Finland, EU and Russia. We have done a number of R&D and consulting projects for Nokia, Intel, EMC, Samsung and many other industrial and academic organizations. FRUCT has long profile of participation in large publicly-funded programs.

Geo2Tag platform is a comfortable and efficient environment for fast and easy prototyping and development of LBS products. The platform provides a toolkit required for making competitive solutions for LBS market. The solutions can be done independently of map providers and mobile operators. The platform provides basic functional for use of Smart Spaces and IoT technologies. Geo2Tag is available for free download as open source package. Developers are welcome to use the main Geo2Tag server and build own services on top of it. Alternatively anyone can create individual instances of Geo2Tag configured and tuned for their needs. For reasonable fee FRUCT delivers Geo2Tag as PaaS and provides consultancy and maintenance service, letting our clients to focus on the main business. In addition it is possible to order development of additional modules and make platform tuning for your business needs.

Geo2Tag is the world most popular Open Source LBS platform and already has large community of followers, contributors and supporters. Geo2Tag has strong visibility in Google - it is the first for “LBS open source” and second for “LBS Platform”. Majority of our community are based in EU, Russia, USA and India. Nowadays Geo2Tag is used in a number of projects. Recently Geo2Tag has been adopted for most mobile platforms, including inexpensive mass-market mobile devices. We are looking for partners interested in adopting Geo2Tag in their business and jointly developing new highly customized extensions for the Geo2Tag platform.

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